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Ranging from classic geometric forms to abstract and surreal structures, the Muted Monkeys is a set of two vibrant NFT collections living on the MultiVAC blockchain.
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Muted Monkeys

Muted Monkeys

Each attribute has been created from scratch with attention to detail on every design to ensure each Muted Monkey is totally unique!
Pop colors
Liquid Structures
Unique Patterns
3D Designed


The MutedWorms Collection is a collaboration between the Muted Monkeys and the MultiWorms. Unique and 3D designed, discover a collection of 33 unique characters living on the MultiVAC blockchain.
Pop colors
Realistic Renderings
3D Designed


Q3 2021

Muted Monkeys Artwork 
Community Launch & Value Proposition

Q1 2022

Muted Monkeys Public Launch 
Rewards Program
Minting Complete & Rarity

Q2 2022

Muted Monkeys Bank 
Muted Monkeys Club 3D Artwork 
Airdrops & Marketing

Q3 2022

Muted Monkeys Club Public Launch 
Minting Program & Rewards 
Minting Complete & Rarity

Q4 2022

Muted Worms 3D Artwork 
Marketing & Launch 
Giveaways & Competitions

Holders Rewards Program
September 2022 - August 2023

Holders Rewards program x 12 months
Drive additional value to our legacy holders

Future plans

We are two very motivated designers and we hope that you journey with us as we explore the 3D art space. We have the ambition to grow in the coming years as a team and a community and we would love for you to take this journey with us.

Holders of Gen 1 & Gen 2 Muted Monkeys will be able to earn a premium access to all future projects. We are constantly learning new things and improving our art style, so be prepared for more high-quality art as we evolve within the MultiVAC ecosystem!


We are two French designers based in Paris and have been evolving within the art space for the past few years. We have been following MultiVAC since mid 2021, we fell in love with its technology, team and vision.

When we started, there was little community involvement, but we already knew that we wanted to be part of what is today the greatest community out there! When the creation of the first marketplaces was announced at the end of 2021, we started working on the Muted Monkeys’ genesis collection. After a successful mint, we’ve decided to start working on an upgraded 3D collection to keep providing you with the most up to date designs! 

If you are part of the Muted Monkeys Club, we’d like to give you a massive thank you! All of what you see here is only possible because of the amazing community you are a part of. We will continue to build and improve our collections meticulously, listening to your feedback, and making sure we don’t lose our obsession with the magic of 3D art!



Muted Monkeys is a set of two vibrant NFT collections living on the MultiVAC blockchain.

The MM collection was designed using Figma, Sketch and Photoshop.
The MMC was designed using Blender.

MM collection: 1667 characters in total. 
MMC collection: 3667 characters in total. 

There are 100+ different attributes from body colors, textures, materials and accessories on both collections. 

Both the MM and MMC collections are live on Epic Gallery
👉🏼 MM collection.
👉🏼 MMC collection.

MM contract address: 0xc53aa7f99d06c452c83be9b105e5429d9194f7fe
MMC contract address: 0x5De22D770889CFbbb22e431306d26FE0C7595d00

You have full ownership rights to any MM you own as long as you hold the corresponding NFT. 

Contact us on Discord or Twitter!